Kay Khan – Quilt Experiments: In Search of Our Creative Edge

Duration of Class: Three Days (18 Hours) // Medium: Collage // Skill Level: All

Cost: $500-$690


Creativity is a constant cycle. We play, we edit. In this workshop, you’ll experiment and, yes, “play” with ways to build up layers of fabric using quilting, stitching, appliqué, rearranging, deconstructing, and collage.

We’ll start every day by making at least two 12″ square flat panels of thick quilting. (This is the basic technique I developed that I use in all my work. I quilt first – before stitching any imagery or patterns. It’s the opposite of traditional quilting.) These panels are the structures that are like your prepared canvases. They’ll be used for our experiments. We’ll cut parts out, reconfigure them, and, although in this class we’ll be working in two dimensions, we’ll start to add three-dimensional elements. Directed exercises will constantly transform the artwork & challenge you! Be forewarned: some of the panels will be completely altered! It’ll be interesting and fun, I promise. As you learn new approaches, each of you will begin to use them in an individual project.

Rather than making a finished piece (time forbids, and experiments must continue!), you will, in this class, discover unexpected combinations, learn new techniques, and begin something magnificent.

Please note: You will be learning the techniques necessary for building a three-dimensional vessel, but you will not be building one in this class.


-Learning the thick quilting construction technique I developed, but making it your own
-Learning to play/edit with composition through directed stitching experiments
-Pushing past your comfort zone to become fearless with your ideas
-Cutting parts out of your work to rearrange areas for better effects
-Understanding that “mistakes” are opportunities for expanding your individual visual language
-Incorporating paper and stitched imagery into your composition
-Adding 3-dimensional relief to a 2-D surface
-Discovering new ideas and inspiration


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Day 1 - 3 (8/2/19 - 8/4/19)

Class Size

Min # of students: 8
Max # of students: 15

Supply List

  • 1 - Sewing machine (it must have a working straight and zigzag stitch)
  • 10 - bobbins for that specific machine
  • 1 - extension cord
  • 5 - machine sewing machine needles, size #14 & #16, preferably "jeans needles"
  • 2 - hand sewing needles, sharps size #9 or #10
  • 6 to 10 - spools of basic (not heavy) machine stitching thread in varied colors (Isacord makes a beautiful polyester thread in luscious colors if you can find it, but any type will do (I use synthetic because it is stronger, and we'll be stitching through many layers)
  • 1 - spool of heavy hand stitching thread in a neutral color (Coats and Clark has a 100% nylon thread that works... or bring anything comparable in polyester) for building a 3-D element
  • 1 - yard of 72" wide synthetic felt (this is absolutely necessary)
  • 1 - pair scissors
  • 1 - pencil or pen
  • 1 - box of straight pins (short, sharp)
  • 1 - thimble for hand sewing (or anything comparable used to pull a needle through heavy panels)
  • 1 - rotary cutter
  • 1 - mat for cutting
  • 1- small, easy to handle pair of needle nose pliers (also for pulling a needle through a heavy panel
  • 2 - personal items or imagery to work into the stitched "collage"

  • Provided by Instructor:

    The instructor will be bringing all the materials for technical demonstrations. Students will bring their own supplies. There will be no kit fee.

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