Jenny Doh – Gouacheamole! (Cubism with Gouache)

Duration of Class: One Day (6 Hours) // Medium: Gouache // Skill Level: All

Cost: $240-$270


Cubism is a style of art that preceded Abstract Expressionism, which incubated a grand rebellion against Realism. Basically, cubists argued that a still life painting of a tomato fell short of showing the entire truth of that tomato and that the way to remedy that was to show all aspects of the fruit at the same time. And in order to do that, the tomato needed to be shattered/fragmented and then all its parts and pieces painted on the canvas all at the same time.

In this workshop we will paint with gouache on paper … and instead of smashing tomatoes, we will learn to use photo references to paint a portrait to show different aspects of a face all at the same time.
I will have photo references that you use to paint in the cubist style. However, we will also spend some time showing you how I would take photos of a subject to paint in this style for future reference.


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Day 1 (8/2/19)

Class Size

Min # of students: 4
Max # of students: 20

Supply List

  • Paper: I like Acquarello watercolour/Artistico Traditional White paper by Fabriano (hot press, 140 lb) that comes in a 5x7 pad. If you prefer a different paper, please feel free to bring it. TIP: Confused about hot press/cold press? Cold press is bumpy ... like goose bumps we get when it's cold outside. Hot press is smooth ... no goose bumps because it's hot!
  • Gouache Paint: I like artist-grade designer gouache by Winsor & Newton and I also like Acryla acrylic gouache by Holbein. Bring assorted colors including whites, blues, reds, yellows, browns, and black for sure, and then optionally, pinks, purples, greens, and oranges
  • Paintbrushes: My favorites are the synthetic Golden Taklon bright (aka: short flat) brushes by Trekell. If you can't get the ones by Trekell, there are other synthetic brushes by different manufacturers.
  • Artist Tape
  • Pencil
  • Palette or Palette Paper
  • Miscellaneous: apron or smock; paper towels; baby wipes; journal or scratch paper

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