Kathy Beekman – Formulas for Painting Fabulous Paintings & Set Your Horizons

Duration of Class: One Day (6 Hours) // Medium: Soft Pastel // Skill Level: All

Cost: $240-$270


Part One: Formulas for Painting Fabulous Paintings

This fun-filled, informative workshop will enrich your experience with pastels. Learn how good design makes the difference between a nice painting and an eye-catching work of art. In this class you will learn three formulas that are bound to make your paintings compositionally sound every time. The instructor will clearly demonstrate each easy to learn formula and you will explore, understand, and paint with your new found knowledge the landscape imagery that you bring with you.

Part Two: Set Your Horizons
With a creative attitude towards landscape painting, instructor Kathy Beekman will lead you through this innovative and light hearted class. This class is aimed at helping you discover the importance of properly placed horizon lines. You will learn what a low and high horizon line accomplishes and where best to place your horizons if you want to create a feeling of great height, expanse of open space, or the feeling of looking outward and upward, down upon your subject or deep into the far distance. If you are looking for more oomph and more arresting and unexpected compositional qualities in your artwork then this is the class for you.


• Overview of materials to be used
• Finger painting
• Blending
• Layering
• Basic Design Principles
• Exploring different papers (canvases)
• Paper tooth
• Discovering how to use different kinds of soft pastels
• Using different hand positions
• Learning to create different strokes
• Creating compositions to direct the eye
• Applying fixative to soft pastel paintings
• How to care for soft pastel paintings


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Day 2 (8/3/19)

Class Size

Min # of students: 5
Max # of students: 12

Supply List

  • 1 – Basic 12-color box of Soft Pastels (NOT oil pastels!) A box with a larger pastel stick count is always acceptable. (Recommended pastel brands: Sennelier or Terry Ludwig Pastels)
  • 2 – (or more) sheets of paper (Recommended paper brands: Rising Stonehenge in any Color (instructor’s personal favorite), Arches and Somerset Photos or book images of landscapes as painting reference material
    Optional (but recommended):
  • 1 – Can of a pastel final fixative
  • 1 – Container of Wet Ones or Baby Wipes for easy cleaning of your hands
  • 1 – Dust Mask which will provide adequate protection against dry pigments and most dusts
  • 1 – Disposable Latex Gloves for protecting your hands from pastels
  • 1 - Smock or large shirt to protect your clothing
  • Newspaper, glassine, or kraft paper to protect your paintings during transport
    The following are good resources for artist materials:
  • Online catalog at danielsmith.com Allow 5-10 days for regular delivery Meiningers located in Denver at 499 Broadway, 303-698-3838 Terry Ludwig Pastels located in Littleton, CO, 303-795-1232 or on-line at www.terryludwig.com. Please tell Terry that your art instructor Kathy Beekman sent you.
    Provided by Instructor:
  • If you choose to do so, sheets of black colored Rising Stonehenge paper will be available for purchase from the instructor at a cost of $5.00 per 22 x 30 sheet.

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