Susan Lenart Kazmer – Day Two

Altered Surface – Talismans Jewelry


Add color, layer and style to your metalwork. Learn personal methods, formulas and techniques for altering, patterning and coloring the surface of sheet metal. Work with handmade traditional and nontraditional formulas to create colorful patinas and emulate artifacts from a lost civilization. Build dimensional pieces by dapping, folding, forming and cold join manipulation. Use these altered metal pieces to build a unique charm bracelet.

Bring your own jewelry components or attend another class of mine to build a pendant.


• clean up
• polishing
• design
• color
• layout of ideas.

Workshop Image Gallery (click on the thumbnail to see full images):

Susan Lenart Kazmer

Duration of Class:

One Day (6 Hours)


Metalsmithing/Mixed Media Assemblage

Skill Level:


Student Supply List:

  • wire snips
  • needle nose pliers
  • chain nose pliers
  • tin snips or jeweler saw
  • bench pin and blades
  • metal files
  • small hammer
  • anvil
  • OPTIONAL: vice, small personal or found objects, paper images, scrap metal

Provided by Instructor:

  • Kit/Materials Fee – $25 (payable to instructor at class time)
  • Kit includes bronze 20-gauge sheet metal, sandpaper, patina solutions, eyelets, hand out and expendables.

Class Size:

Min # of students: 10
Max # of students: 20