Abstract Landscapes (Three Day Workshop)


In this workshop we will begin by observing landscape painting and drawing:  to learn about the ‘power of a place’ through drawing. There is a fine granularity and layering to a place and drawing the elements of these places requires rigor and attention to detail – awareness. This rigor, focus, and awareness will enhance one’s skills in the evocative understanding of mark making. Simulation through drawing and by hand, reinforces the true experience of a place in time, again, using all five senses, and instilling permanent habits of drawing, as well as creating indelible memories: a ‘fact finding’ mission. Sketches, paintings, drawings, collages will be collected in a series of sketchbooks; and after initial studies are completed, we will continue to create ‘evocative’ works, furthering concept of ‘place’; utilizing appropriate tools of paint, pastel, charcoal, and graphite.

This workshop will investigate the power of looking at the landscape in the depictive and expressive process.


  • To fully embrace the Renaissance wisdom, that to draw something is to fully understand it.  
  • Realize drawing connects us to our experience, with an intimacy not otherwise possible.
  • Experience the inherent intimacy with drawing and painting. The artist’s touch is elemental, and we are able to see how much an artist can do and how distinctive each artist’s language of mark making can be.
  • Learn about the ‘power of a place’ through drawing.
  • Make confident and varying brush marks, color and composition. 

Medium: Mixed Media

Skill Level: All

Three Day Workshops