Beginning Drawing for Everyone! (One Day Workshop)


Drawing can be easy and fun! Whether you want to draw still life objects, figures, or landscapes, developing them with forms will open up a whole new art experience. Learn to draw anything and give your works character, depth, dimension, and life! We’ll explore drawing methods using sight, memory, and imagination. Soon you’ll be building amazing, creative, three-dimensional artworks right on your paper!

This class is for: Anyone who has never drawn but wants to learn; artists who want to draw more three-dimensionally; anyone who wants to explore the drawing methods that artists and illustrators use to make amazing pictures.

Medium: Pencils and Marker Pens, sketchbook
Skill Level: All


1 – The “building blocks” of drawing: Four Forms Explored
2 – The Four Forms Manipulated

Size and Shape
Stretch and Squash
Curve and Twist
“Sculpting” with Forms (Connect, Wrap, Cut)

3 – Depth with Forms
4 – Imaginative Drawing with Forms
5 – Still-life (object drawing) with Forms
6 – Memory Drawing with Forms

One Day Workshops