Bold Expressive Floral/Still Life Painting (Three Day Workshop)


Let go of realism and loosen up while learning to paint beautiful floral/still life paintings with your own unique style. This is a low-pressure, fun workshop designed for painters at any level, experienced painters & “newbies”. You will learn techniques to paint with vibrant color and innovative compositions in a relaxed setting. You will also learn a step-by-step method of expressive painting which includes fixing problems and finishing your work professionally. Annie will share her innovative approach to staying looser and more expressive with artists at any level even beginners. We will start each day with a brief discussion followed by very short demos, then you will paint all day.

Day 1: What is Expressive Painting? Finding Inspiration + Painting #1

  • Finding Inspiration in common objects & florals-make it personal
  • Setting up for success
  • Color palettes, underpainting & composition
  • 7 Step Method—Start loose, stay loose

Handouts: “7 Step Method of Expressive Painting,” Hx of Color in Painting”, “Fi

Day 2: Evaluating & Fixing Paintings + Painting #2

  • Critique & Fix your work
  • Mud or beautiful neutrals?
  • Making the most of value
  • Language of painting=elements: line, shape, color, value, texture

Handout:  “Critiquing Your Work”

Day 3: Professional Finishing + Painting #3 

  • Magic of Glazing
  • Negative shape painting
  • Signing your work
  • Varnishing 
  • Low-key “gallery walk-through” review of paintings

Handout: What is takes to paint expressively: HEART, HAND, EYE


  • What makes a painting expressive? 
  • Intuitive painting- responding to gestures and “happy accidents” rather than preplanning a painting. 
  • Where to find inspiration? Painting Notes, Color/Pattern Library, Art Ancestors, Pinterest 
  • Importance of mood?
  • Adding your personality to still life paintings- objects, colors and symbols

Medium: Acrylic

Skill Level: All

Three Day Workshops