Exploring Pastels and Painting Mountainscapes (One Day Workshop)


This day is split into two 3-hour segments. Picture yourself painting with a nationally acclaimed pastelist, Kathy Beekman. Kathy will introduce and guide you through the wonderful world of pastels where you will explore different types of pastels, techniques of planning your paintings, drawing, mixing color and creating great backgrounds. She will show you how to use your fingers as tools, avoid mistakes, and give great tips for framing your artwork. Enjoy lots of painting action and one-on-one instruction in this playful learning environment.

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Medium: Soft Pastel
Skill Level: All


Overview of materials to be used
Finger painting
Basic Design Principles
Exploring different papers (canvases)
Paper tooth
Discovering how to use different kinds of soft pastels
Using different hand positions
Learning to create different strokes
Creating compositions to direct the eye
Applying fixative to soft pastel paintings
How to care for soft pastel paintings

One Day Workshops