Musings: Storytelling through Art Journaling (Three day workshop)


How would it feel to become more creative in a way that feels safe and contained?  This workshop explores the wonderful world of art journaling, which is relaxing and full of self-expression.  Together, we’ll unleash your creativity by learning to use traditional media in non-traditional ways so that you produce a beautiful art journal that you are proud of and which artfully and authentically tells your story.  

This workshop is all about documenting your life experiences through collage, drawing, painting, and text.  It’s super fun!  Happily, it’s also about creatively building art journal pages with loads of yummy art supplies.  Which means we’ll be exploring a huge range of art media including everything from old books, paints, soft pastel, washi tape and string, acrylic paint, watercolors…and, well, a whole lot more.  Each day new media and techniques will be introduced. Yay!

Medium: Mixed Media

Skill Level: All

Techniques and Topics:

  • Exploring types of journals that can be used
  • Preparing your journal
  • Preparing to create
  • Creating your color palette
  • Gathering your story
  • Doodling
  • Collaging
  • Stamping
  • Basic Composition
  • Developing a Visual Vocabulary
  • Learning to use traditional art supplies in non-traditional ways
  • Blending
  • Layering
  • Mark Making
  • Symbolism 
  • Glues
  • Creating Poetry
  • Exploring Different Media such as: charcoal, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, washi tape, ephemera, inks, tracing paper and more
Three Day Workshops