The Art of the Sketchbook (One Day Workshop)


This workshop is full! Email if you would like to be on a waitlist. Let’s face it, life gets busy and studio time can be hard to come by.  The key to maintaining a healthy studio practice lies in the sketchbook.

This class explores the sketchbook as a portable art studio, a place to ‘play’ like nobody’s watching, and a way of recording your personal process. Together, we will embark on a creative journey starting with non-traditional warm-up exercises and resulting in standalone abstract works in your personal sketchbook. We will explore color mixing, palette building, creative prompts, doodling (yes, doodling – it’s incredibly important to the creative process!), paint application and collage. You will learn to take risks, and how to work out ideas before starting on a big canvas. Most importantly, you’ll learn to love the process in addition to the end result.

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Medium: Acrylic, Pastel, Charcoal, Pencil, Collage

Skill Level: All


Automatic Drawing
Color Mixing
Palette building
Compositional Best Practices
Basic Design Principles
Create quick and decisive paintings
Gestural mark making