The Bigger Picture/Loosening Up (One Day Workshop)


Let’s paint the bigger picture. We’ll discover approaches to fill a big canvas. This intensive workshop combines demos, in-class assignments and individual instruction to teach students the techniques to create an engaging composition with fresh, deliberate marks on a big canvas. Using observational painting as our launching point, we’ll embark with energetic composition and image building exercises designed to tap into each participant’s personal voice. The practice of working direct from life results in a heightened awareness and a lasting impression of the moment. Combining still life and interior painting creates an interconnectivity with our immediate surroundings. We’ll paint freer and bolder and let our personalities inspire what we see in our immediate surroundings. Through painting and observational exercises, we’ll analyze what influences our choices and how to incorporate our personal voice in our work.

Medium: Acrylic
Skill Level: All


Create quick, big, decisive paintings
Overcome the need to fuss
Engage in spontaneous, gestural mark making

One Day Workshops