Finding the Soul of Forgotten Materials (Three Day Workshop)


This three-day workshop encourages students to experiment with innovative and intuitive ways of creating a variety of structures and forms using organic, found and recycled materials. Students are invited to think about shapes and forms that hold particular interest and bring these ideas to the workshop. Using unusual techniques developed by Geoffrey to overcome construction challenges, each student will complete a variety of forms, something they want to create. Students will be asked to bring some of their own favorite cast of materials.

This class is perfect for beginners seeking an introduction to creating curious objects as well as intermediate and advanced students wishing to reach the next level and break out of their comfort zone. Students will learn to be familiar with using hand and power tools such as drills, band saws, and sanders.

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creative use of hand tools
using a bandsaw
using a stationary sander
learn how to utilize alternative material (like inner tubes, bike tires, tin and other odds and ends)

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