Anita Lehmann

Anita H. Lehmann is a teacher, an artist, and an award-winning architectural illustrator. She is a registered architect in the state of Washington.  After receiving her Master of Architecture at the University of Washington, she has taught freehand drawing in Rome, Civita and in Seattle. She currently offers small group classes in drawing, painting, and design. Her other skills include architectural design, graphic design, community planning, and design illustration. Prior to receiving the 2013 Civita Institute Fellowship, Anita was a graduate student teacher at the University of Washington Rome Center, in Rome, Italy in 1985.  Anita brings over 35 years of teaching experience in teaching design and drawing.

“Drawing is about attempting something beyond language and beyond representation. I connect with the world and experience life. Mine is the hand of a practiced artist who has spent thousands upon thousands of hours honing my tool. My pencil is a baton; the goal is to wield it as effortlessly as most people breathe. I strive for humor, humility, work ethic and confidence.”

– Anita Lehmann