Kathy Beekman

Kathy Beekman, a soft pastel painter whose work emerges from the West and Midwest countryside, lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where her home and studio are perched at 8,600 feet. “The vastness of the natural landscape here inspires my work. My paintings reflect how I think and feel about my environment.” She grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a small city surrounded by the farming communities that continuously inspire her subject matter: the barns, clouds, open spaces and streams that conjure up idealized versions of the landscapes she experienced as a child. Her passion for the arts extends beyond her canvas. She is an art career coach for artists who want to “rise above the rest” and has authored the book Prosper, A Success Book for Artists, a book packed with tips and real-life experiences offering crucial advice on how to reach personal artistic goals. Southwest Art Magazine has continuously showcased Kathy and her artwork since 2006 and for four consecutive years she was invited to participate in Cowgirl Up! a museum exhibit and sale showcasing the best women artists of the West. Currently she is represented by Canyon Road Contemporary Art gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the Squash Blossom Gallery in Colorado. www.kathybeekman.com