Catherine Cross Tsintzos – Printmaking Throw Down

Duration of Class: One Day (6 Hours) // Medium: Print making // Skill Level: All


Learn easy and new ways to incorporate screen print, monotype and carved stamped designs and marbling into your paper and fabric creations. From calling cards to napkins, experience the fun of printing your own designs. Learn about design and composition, the elements of art, repeat pattern, fabric flow, tool use, vocabulary, inks, creating your own paints and more. Consider designing your own logo for printing onto your fabrics and packaging. The first half of the class will be creating papers and fabrics that can be incorporated into one large or several smaller hand made books.


• simple screen printing
• Gelatin plates for paper and fabric
• learn how to make your own paints for gelatin prints
• monotype, lino and Soft-Kut design
• Suminaghashi paper marbling
• tool usage
• vocabulary
• design and composition, elements of art
• ink applications
• Printing techniques that do not require a press


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Day 2 (9/29/18)

Class Size

Min # of students: 6
Max # of students: 20

Supply List

  • Students are invited to bring fabrics, blank stationary, Bristol paper that can be cut to create business cards or framed works, any item that student may want to print on.
  • Kit Fee: $20 per student (payable to instructor at class time)
  • Provided by Instructor:
  • Instructor will provide everything needed for this process.

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