Jennifer Mercede – Spirit Portraits

Duration of Class: One Day (6 Hours) // Medium: Drawing + Painting // Skill Level: All

Cost: $240-$270


Tap into the energy of your subject and draw their ‘spirit’! There is so much to drawing a person, more in fact, than meets the eye. Let’s tap into the energy of a person and allow that to inspire our drawings. Does their delicate, soft personality inspire the use of a thin pencil? Are they bubbly and hilarious and you can’t help but use 3 markers at once? We’ll spend time practicing our drawing and our ‘seeing’ skills. We’ll play and experiment through half the class and then dial in on one or two portraits and really bring that person, and their spirit, to life!

All three of my classes will be unique experiences, with a few overlapping ideas and activities. If you are so inclined, feel free to take Doodle Draw Paint, as well as Expressive Floral Play and Spirit Portraits. The fundamentals from Day One will be a great resource as we explore Day Two and Day Three, though definitely not necessary.

Please note:
I work and teach very organically, so be prepared to go with the flow!
My classes focus on process. While you may walk away with a piece of art ready to hang on your wall, you may also walk away with a few pieces started & ready to inspire many more hours of creating.


In this class you can expect to:
draw from live flowers
paint a lot
paint fast
create layers
make large brushstrokes
get messy
use your other hand
draw slowly
doodle/ scribble
experiment with color
get yourself to:
*loosen up
*let go
*get out of your comfort zone
*have fun


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Day 3 (8/4/19)

Class Size

Min # of students: 5
Max # of students: 20

Supply List

Please make use of what you have, no need to run out to the store and buy all new stuff. Check with me if you have any questions!
  • At least 6–8 colors of acrylic paint (any brand). Make sure you bring your favorite variation of yellow, blue, red, and white.
  • Paintbrushes in small to medium sizes
  • Mark Makers: colored pencils/markers/watercolor crayons
  • Painting clothes/smock
  • Cheap medium sized sketchbook (we will be making many quick drawings & journaling throughout the day. If you have an old and cheap sketchbook, that would be best. A handful of computer paper will work just as well.)
  • Rags
  • Kit Fee: $15 per student (payable to instructor at class time) for necessary drawing surface & some of Jennifer’s favorite drawing tools
I encourage sharing materials in my class. I will be bringing some of mine to share. While it is definitely not expected, it is fun to provide the opportunity for each other to try something new. You might just discover your new favorite tool!

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