Jenny Doh – Gouache Portraits

Duration of Class: One Day (6 Hours) // Medium: Gouache // Skill Level: All

Cost: $240-$270



Gouache performs like watercolor but its constitution allows layers to build up in an opaque fashion, which is not possible to achieve through watercolor. Its constitution is also different from acrylics because there is no plastic in the medium, which allows it to move very much like watercolor and also it dries with a uniquely matte sheen that is unlike acrylic and unlike pure watercolor.


I will share details of my supplies and my organizational methods, as well as tips on how to draw accurately, and the fundamentals of color mixing. I will also share finishing methods that I consider the final magical moments of gouache portrait painting.


The first part of class will be about drawing our subject and then painting the subject with black gouache that we mix into light, medium, and dark values. The second part of class will be about adding color to the value painting in a truly exciting way that will lead each enrolled artist to experience gouache success.


  • Overview of tools and materials with principles of best practices in terms of handling gouache paints, and caring for tools
  • Basic principles of color-mixing
  • How to prepare the substrate
  • How to make a rough drawing of subject
  • How to start painting the values from light, medium to dark
  • How to add color onto the value painting
  • How to add finishing touches


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Day 1 (8/2/19)

Class Size

Min # of students: 4
Max # of students: 20

Supply List

For your convenience, I will provide my favorite paper (300 lb hot press) and gouache paint for each participant. This will help you use and understand my favorite paints before you make the investment into buying actual paints from my list. So in terms of what else you need to bring, here is the list:
  • SUBJECTS: Reference photos of people’s faces stored on your smart phone or tablet (like an iPad), devises fully charged. If you have an old family photo, take a photo of that photo and store it onto your devise. Photos with high contrast (lights and darks) is recommended. If you don’t have a photo, I will have many photo references that you can use.
  • PAINTBRUSHES: I use short flat brushes. They are also called “brights.” For gouache work, I like the Trekell brand of Golden Taklon Bright 2010 Series (6-inch handle in sizes 2, 4, 6, and 8) brushes that you can find on If you decide to go with a different brand of brushes just make sure to get either Golden Taklon or a synthetic nylon brush. Please don’t bring hog bristle brushes.
  • Butcher Tray (7.5 x 11 inches) This is an optional item. This is what I use as my palette. The white metal tray with a blue rim. If you don’t want to get this, please bring palette paper.
  • MISC: Paper towels, apron, container for water, water mist bottle
PLUS KIT FEE: $10 (to be paid to the instructor by cash or check at time of class) Includes 2 pieces of 300 lb paper and gouache paint.

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