Melinda Tidwell

My work in book collage follows two passions. The first is a love of these materials, of old, used books. To work with found books is to work with a material that has a history and a context in which it was made. Books take you places, so the process of gathering materials and deconstructing them is a rich journey.

Mining books for what can become your art is just fun. I extract pieces of books for a color, a typeface, some words— and through simple processes like cutting, tearing, folding, punching, sewing, painting, sanding, carving, scraping, these materials become my own.

My second passion is the very mysterious process of creating abstract compositions. There is such surprise to be found in arranging these bits of books onto a substrate. The ability to “test” a lot of composition ideas is one of the real joys of working in collage, as well as the strangeness of the material you can incorporate.

My work can be seen in public collections at Nordstroms, Twitter Corp HQ, and Star Hotels, Sydney AUS, and at galleries in San Francisco, Sun Valley and Santa Fe.


Day 1, 2 + 3 – Mastering Abstract Composition: Structures and Strategies

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